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Naresh Chawla: Founding Director

A Trailblazer & A Pioneering Visionary in CAD & BIM Services

Naresh Chawla, the Founding Director of Genesis Infoserve, is a distinguished figure in the realm of CAD and BIM services. With an impressive, robust educational background comprising a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) and an MBA in Marketing, he has carved out a niche for himself in this specialized industry, Naresh Chawla stands as a testament to the power of combining technical expertise with strategic business acumen. As the Founding Director of Genesis Infoserve, he has been at the forefront of the CAD and BIM.

His journey over the past 30 years has been marked by significant contributions to the CAD and BIM sectors in both India and North America. Under his visionary leadership, Genesis Infoserve has emerged as a beacon of innovation, setting benchmarks in quality and efficiency.

Mr. Chawla’s expertise and strategic insight have been pivotal in navigating the company through the evolving technological landscape, ensuring that Genesis Infoserve remains at the cutting edge of the industry. His commitment to excellence and his ability to foresee market trends have not only propelled his company to success but have also made a lasting impact on the industry at large.

Tarun Chawla : Director

Director and Seasoned Electronics Engineer

Tarun Chawla brings to the table a wealth of experience as a Qualified Electronics Engineer, complemented by a remarkable 25-year tenure in the software, IT product sales, and associated services sectors. His extensive background has positioned him as a key player in the technological landscape, where his expertise has driven growth and innovation.

As a Director, Mr. Chawla has been pivotal in shaping strategic initiatives that have propelled his businesses to the forefront of the industry. His deep understanding of technology, combined with a keen sense for market dynamics, has enabled him to lead his teams to deliver exceptional results consistently.

His career is a testament to his dedication to the field of electronics and information technology, where he has not only excelled but also mentored and inspired others to achieve their best. Tarun Chawla’s name is synonymous with integrity, leadership, and a forward-thinking approach that continues to make a significant impact on the businesses he leads. His vision in the businesses encapsulates substantial contributions towards the growth.

Our Team

Genesis Infoserve is a distinguished leader in BIM services. Our team comprises experts in Structural BIM, Virtual Construction, Architectural Rendering, and MEP BIM, enabling us to handle a broad spectrum of projects. By choosing Genesis Infoserve as your BIM partner, you can significantly enhance the success of your construction endeavors.
Our dedicated professionals work collaboratively to deliver innovative solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

 Genesis Infoserve

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A-204/205, DLH Junction,
Eversun CHS Ltd., Sahakar Nagar, J. P. Road,
Near D. N. Nagar Metro,
Andheri (W),
Mumbai – 400 053, India

Phone: + 91 22 62845600



3715 Laird Rd, Unit 11,
Mississauga, ON,
Canada L5L 0A3

Toll-Free: 1-(866)-943-5012

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